About Us

New Trend Manufacturing is located one hundred kilometers northeast of Cape Town in the town Worcester, the hub of the Western Cape’s interior commercial and distribution activities, where industry and agriculture create prosperity and “Proudly South African” means business!

At New Trend we lead the way with the new trends in manufacturing while ensuring our products are of superior quality, aesthetics, and workmanship, having our own in-house design engineers.

The New Trend Way

New Trend Manufacturing believes products should be designed to be functional, reliable, user-friendly and safe to operate. We do this by centering our designs around customers’ interaction with our products while continuously improving our designs to be better aligned with our customers’ values.

We are a quality driven manufacturer of Universal Lifting Trailers and Trucks, Skips, Commercial Trailers and Pipe Brackets with in-house design engineers.

The New Trend Family

We source local material from trusted suppliers with excellent quality control, supporting our community while forging partnerships with trusted brands.

We have established a culture of trust, respect and a strong work ethic under our workforce of over 40 people while empowering individuals by investing in skills development.

Our History

New Trend was born from the idea to manufacture a hydraulic operated skip system on a trailer. Our first of its kind skip trailer paved the way for numerous small-scale waste removal companies around the world by supplying the market with a one-man operational skip unit designed for ease of use and with safety in mind.

Innovation brought to life