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We are the world’s first hydraulic skip bin trailers and universal loader trailers manufacturer and exporter based in Worcester, South Africa. Our trailers incorporate hydraulic systems to load the skip bins or New Trend attachments on and off the trailer, as well as tip a selection of them for dumping.

Our skip bin trailers are built for 2m³ up to 6 m³ bins depending on the trailer model. Our skip bin trailers can be used for a number of different applications. We call them universal loader trailers for this reason. There are a number of different attachments you can use to suit your exact needs.

Skip Trailer Business Opportunity

The New Trend skip bins and skip trailers create a great business opportunity for you.

You can start your own waste removal company.

Contact us to by 10 skip bins and a 3000kg GVM double axle trailer.

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The New Trend BlinkSleepwa Trailer Range

We specialise in the design and manufacture of superior quality galvanised trailers. 

Industrial Trailers

Commercial, Water Tank, Close Compartment, Flat Deck, Tipper, Drain Cleaning, Car Transporter, Vehicle Dolly, Wheelie Bin Cleaning

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Livestock trailers

Cattle, Cattle/Double Decker Livestock, Livestock

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leisure Trailers

Golf Cart, ATV, Tent Top, Motorbike, Luggage

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trailers > 3.5 TOn gvm

High Speed, Low Speed Agricultural

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New Trend Products At a Glance

Universal Loaders
Wheelie Bin Cleaning
Industrial Trailers
Livestock Trailers
Trailer Tents
Leisure Trailers
Trailers > 3.5 Ton GVM

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