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New Trend Manufacturing is a quality driven manufacturer of Universal Lifting Trailers & Trucks, Skips, Commercial Trailers and Pipe Brackets with in-house design engineers.

We believe products should be designed to be functional, reliable, user-friendly and safe to operate. 

Why Choose New Trend Manufacturing
New Trend Manufacturing

Innovative Engineering

SA’s first and leading manufacturer and exporter of hydraulic operated skip trailers

SABS Accredited Manufacturer

Our Trailers are SABS approved and certified under the National Road Traffic Act 1996

Certificate of Compliance

We supply certified lifting equipment under sections of the Occupational Health and Safety Act

Research and Development

We have on-site mechanical engineers doing continuous research and development

Support and Service

We have a well-established national support network for our products

Our Products

Universal Loading Trailers

Be able to move rubble or supplies, in places that trucks are not able to get to or even allowed.

Universal Loading Trucks

The solution to multiple skip bin drops on one go. We have solutions for all your Skip Bin need.

Attachments, Implements & Accessories

Skip Bins

Recycling Cages

Toll Loader

Pallet Loader

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