TRIVACTA Platform Vacuum Tank

Mount the TRIVACTA Platform Vacuum Tank to any existing flatbed with the correct payload to start your own vacuum suction business. TRIVACTA Vacuum Tanks are proudly manufactured by New Trend. The TRIVACTA Platform Vacuum Tanks start with a compact 500L tank and the tank volumes increase upwards.  

The TRIVACTA Platform Vacuum tank range has many accessories such as the side mounted Water Tanks, Suction Hose Reels as well as the Side Mounted Hose Trays. It might just be the most valuable tool for your business with many different functions. 

Key Selling Points


With a high standard of workmanship from the steel to the final product, we have been known to build long-lasting Vacuum Tanks. With a factory of a highly skilled team, perfection is a requirement.

Easy to Use

Built for one person to operate, with efficient and safety measures in place. We go far beyond to ensure the ease of use when doing the heavy suction in your business.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have a quality Vacuum Tank that works hard for you, time and time again, even if you are hard on it is what really gives you and all our clients over the years the confidence to build the future today.

Start your own Vacuum Suction Business by making contact with us today. 

We will gladly assist you with more information. 

We do assist clients with financing deals through one of our approved Financial Service Providers.   


Step 1

Simply park your vehicle and start your petrol engine powering the high quality vacuum pump.

Step 2

Wait for the Vacuum tank to build up sufficient pressure to do the suction work for you. This will not take very long. 

Step 3

Position the suction hose in the desired location and open the suction valve to allow the vacuum of the tank to do the heavy suction work for you. 

TRIVACTA Platform Vacuum Tank Range

Unique Selling Features

The TRIVACTA Platform Vacuum Tank have some Unique Selling Features accross the entire range, giving you the best deal for your money while ensuring your vacuum tank will have a long and safe operation time in your business:

High Build Quality

Stainless Steel Tank with Dome Ends

Galvanised Platform from Graded Steel

High Quality Electric Start Petrol Engine

Electroplated Pulley Covers

Electroplated Hose Reel

High Gloss Polyurethane Paint

Safety & Control

Easy to use Controls

Powered by Electric Start Engine

Primary as well as Secondary Pump Protection

Supplied with calibrated Vacuum Breaker. 

Supplied with calibrated Positive Pressure Relieve Valve.

One-man Operation

Accessories Range

Suction Hose Reel

Side Mounted Hose Trays

Side Mounted Water Tanks

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