Wheelie Bin Cleaning Trailer

Our Wheelie Bin Cleaning Trailer is fitted with a state of the art water recycling system developed for the harsh African conditions.

Nobody likes a smelly bin. New Trend has the solution to clean your bin in an environmentally safe manner.

New Trend Wheelie Bin Cleaning Trailer
Clean smelly wheelie bins with ease

Our Wheelie Bin Cleaning Trailer can clean two bins simultaneously. It comes with a big 500liter water tank and a state of the art water recovering and recycling unit.

It is fitted with a pressure washer powered by a key switch started petrol engine.  All controls and cleaning equipment are safely locked in the control box or rear storage container.

This unit is sold through a Franchise partner of New Trend. Please enquire for more details.

Trailer Specifications
Dimensions (l, b)
2.9m x 1.6m
1500kg (x1)
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