Wheelie Bin Cleaning Trailer

Our Wheelie Bin Cleaning Trailer is fitted with a state of the art water recycling system developed for the harsh African conditions.Nobody likes a smelly bin. New Trend has the solution to clean your bin in an environmentally safe manner.

Our Wheelie Bin Cleaning Trailer can clean two bins simultaneously. It comes with a big 400 liter water tank and a state of the art water recovering and recycling unit.

It is fitted with a pressure washer powered by a key switch start petrol engine.  All controls and cleaning equipment are safely locked in the control box or rear storage container. Personal Protection Equipment as well as environment cleaning equipment included in trailer.

Key Selling Points


Our Wheelie Bin Cleaning Trailer is of high build quality with:  

  • Galvanised chassis making it rust resistant.
  • Stainless steel water tank painted with epoxy paint.
  • Stainless steel water catchment & recycling system. 
  • Galvanised lockable control compartment painted with white epoxy paint. 
  • Water recycling system filtering out up to 75-micron Particles.
  • Designed to operate on an environment friendly cleaning chemical.
  • High quality American Briggs & Stratton XR 2100 Electric Start Engine.
  • High quality Italian InterPump high pressure pump and piping.  
  • SABS approved trailer of 1500kg GVM.

Easy to Use

Built to clean two bins simultaneously by two operators with:

  • Key switch start petrol engine powering the high pressure pump. 
  • Pump has manifold feeding two lances each equipped with 10m hose.
  • Gas lift assisted bin lifts doing the heavy lifting work for you.
  • Water tank of 400 liter with filler hatch on top and drain valve below the tank in sump.
  • Additional Gardina hose fitting for switching over from tank supply to municipality supply.  
  • Recycling system easily cleaned with quick release lockable latches securing them to trailer. 
  • Two LED work lights and one control compartment light for operation at night.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have a quality Wheelie Bin Cleaning Trailer that work hard for you with: 

  • Engine, pump and filter fitted safely inside the lockable control compartment in the front of the trailer. 
  • Additional rear storage compartment under water recycling system for storing cleaning supplies.
  • Securing latches locking bins in upright position during cleaning. 
  • Environmental Friendly Cleaning chemical used in water with nationwide supplier.  
  • Personal Protection Equipment supplied with trailer. 
  • Cleaning equipment supplied with trailer. 
  • Trailer with equipment carries a 12-month guarantee for normal use, excluding abuse and overloading.


Step 1

With your PPE on, simply park your Wheelie Bin Cleaning trailer, open your control compartment door and turn the key to start your petrol engine.

Step 2

Open the wheelie bin door, roll the bin to the bin lift, ensure the bin’s front lip hook onto the bin lift, tilt the wheelie bin over the water recycling system with the bin tilt handle and secure bin with upright latch. 

Step 3

Remove the lance from the stowaway position, aim towards the inside of the bin, clean the inside by opening the valve on the lance and spraying the inside of the bin with the water. 

Start your own Wheelie Bin Cleaning business by making contact with us today. 

We will gladly assist you with more information. 

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Specs & Compare
Trailer Specifications
1 500kg Braked (x1)
1500kg Braked
Leaf springs
8 Ply Leaf Spring 1 500kg/set
1 150kg
Outside Dimensions (l, w)
2.9m x 1.6m
Wheelie Bin Washer Specifications
Briggs & Stratton Electric Start
InterPump with Two Take-off Manifold (21l/min @ 150 bar)
Equipped with Fan Jet Nozzle 10l/min Flowrate and 10m Hose (x2)
Bin Lifts
Manual Operated with Gas Cylinders doing Lift Work & Latches to Secure Bin Tilted
Recycling System
Water Catchment System Recycling out up to 75-micron Particles with Aeration System in Tank
Water Tank
400 Liter
Lockable Control Compartment
Manufactured from Galvanised Material and Vented with Light
Work Lights
Fitted with 2 LED Work Lights for Cleaning at Night
PPE & Cleaning Equipment Supplied
PPE (Ear Protection, Safety Goggles, Gloves) & necessary cleaning equipment.
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