the New Trend Universal LOader Trailers

The Universal Loader was born out of our innovative hydraulic Skip Trailer. The worlds first hydraulically operated Skip Trailer was designed and manufactured by the founder of New Trend Manufacturing. Due to its innovative design and ease of use other application was quickly found like loading recycling cages, transporting round bales as well as load pallets and flow bins and the list goes on. 

This lead to the rebranding the New Trend Original Mini-Skip-Trailer to the Universal Loader Trailer.

Be able to move rubble or supplies, in places that trucks are not able or allowed to go. 

There is no limit the application of this remarkable trailer, thus with us, universal refers to its endless applications: 

Mini Skip Loader Trailer, Recycling Cage Loader Trailer, Pallet Loader Trailer, Cable Drum Loader Trailer, Round Bale Loader Trailer, Bulk Bag Loader Trailer, Container Loader Trailer

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the New Trend Universal LOader Trucks

With our Universal Loader Trailer’s remarkably strong yet lightweight design, we have decided not to limit the loader’s application to the trailer industry only. So our team of engineers took the proven loader trailer design and converted it into multiple truck body designs to fit on any truck chassis. This allows for the loading and transportation of heavier loads not being restricted by the legal towing limit of your vehicle.   

The solution to multiple skip bin drops on one go. We have solutions for all your Skip Bin need.

Universal refers to its endless applications: 

Mini Skip Loader Truck, Recycling Cage Loader Truck, Pallet Loader Truck, Cable Drum Loader Truck, Round Bale Loader Truck, Bulk Bag Loader Truck, Container Loader Truck

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Universal Loaders Attachments


Did you buy a Skip Trailer from us and want to extend your business into recycling with our recycling cages?


Do you want to buy more skips, but opt to go with mass bags because storage space is limited? 


No problem the Universal Loader Attachments give the New Trend Universal Loaders their flexibility to load various items.  Whether it is a skip, mass bag, pallet bricks, a flow bin, recycling cage, electrical cable toll or fiber cable toll as well as round bales for animal food. Our attachments offer the solution. We are continuously adding products to our range of Loader Attachments as new applications appear.   

Mini Skip Bins

Recycling Cages

Cable Drum Loader

Pallet Loader

Round Bale Loader

Bulk Bag Loader