Motorbike Trailers

If you are looking for top quality Motorbike Trailers, you have come to the right place. Designed to help you effectively move your motorbike in a safe manner, New Trend manufactures them in any quantity you need.

May it be to transport your brand new bike to your home, or to move a large amount of them to a show, New Trend has got you covered!

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New Trend Motorbike Trailers
Transport motorbikes with ease

Motorbike Trailers have been designed to help you get your two wheel companion wherever you need it to be – this means they are manufactured in such a way to be durable, but at the same time, easy to operate.

Depending on the size of your motorbike, you could possibly fit up to 3 of them on this trailer! That means you can use it for anything ranging from a long-distance bike to scramblers and it comes with a back-up fuel tank too.

Never say no to those weekend adventures again with New Trend.

Trailer Specifications
Dimensions (l, b)
2.5m x 2m
1500kg (x1)
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