Flat Deck Trailers

If you are in the market for a durable Flat Deck Trailer with superior strength to weight ratio, look no further you have come to the right place.

Designed to help you effectively in a safe and secure manner with tie down location all around transport wide items requiring maximum trailer widths.

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New Trend Flat Deck Trailers
Transport utilising maximum trailer width with no obstruction on loading deck.

Flat Deck Trailers are designed with their loading deck to overhang the tyres, meaning the deck is above the tyres and extend over the tyres.

This result in a flat surface with no obstructions to load cargo onto. To ensure the cargo is safe and secure we have tie down points all around our flat deck trailers.

We have numerous flat deck trailer sizes and can to a certain extent also cater to custom designs.

New Trend is here to help you leave nothing behind.

We have numerous Flat Deck Trailer Sizes, please send an enquiry with your specifications.  Below are two of our most popular sizes:

Trailer 1: Specifications
Dimensions (l, b)
3m x 2m
1500kg (x1)
Trailer 2: Specifications
Dimensions (l, b)
4.4m x 2.2m
1500kg (x2)
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