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Trailers under 3500kg

Tipper Trailers

Industrial Trailer Range

Livestock Trailer Range

Leisure Trailer Range

Franchise Builds

Trailers above 3500kg

High-Speed Truck Range

Low-Speed Tractor Range

Trailers under 3500kg

This is our trailer range up to the maximum legal limit permitted to be towed on our roads before fitting an electronic braking system.

Industrial Trailer Range

Universal Loader Trailer
Commercial Trailers
Water tank trailers
close compartment trailers
Flat Deck Trailers
Flat Deck Trailer
Tipper Trailers
Tipper Trailers
Drain Cleaning Trailers
drain cleaning trailers
car transporter trailers
Piggy Back Trailer

Livestock Trailer Range

Beeswa Cattle Trailers
Skaapwa / Livestock trailers

Leisure Trailer Range

Golf Cart Trailer
ATV Trailers
Trailer Tents
Leisure Tent Top Trailers
Motorbike Trailer
Leisure Luggage Trailers

Franchise Trailer Range

Wheelie Bin Cleaning Trailer

Trailers above 3500kg

This is our trailer range for clients requiring a trailer for heavier loads.

Need a high-speed trailer for your mini-excavator, generator unit, pump builds…?


Need a low-speed trailer for transporting heavy load at slow speed?

New Trend is the company with a solution.

High Speed Truck Trailers

High-Speed Trailer Range

High-Speed Truck Trailers

Low-Speed Trailer Range

Low-Speed Tractor Trailers

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