Cattle / Double Decker Livestock Trailers

If you are looking for a top quality multipurpose trailer to transport Cattle as well as Livestock, you have come to the right place. Designed to help you effectively move your cattle or double decker livestock in a safe manner, New Trend manufactures them in any quantity you need.

Our Cattle Trailers are designed according to requirements and nice to have elements, making transporting cattle hassle-free, from inputs gathered from life-long Cattle farmers.

New Trend Cattle / Double Decker Livestock Trailers
Transport cattle as well as livestock with ease

We know you care for your cattle and they deserve only the best trailer when it comes to transporting them. New Trend has done a lot of research under cattle farmers to offer you the industry-leading cattle trailer.

Our hybrid cattle and livestock trailer are the ultimate trailers for the diversified farmer. Using the trailer for livestock means you can load your cattle on the trailer floor as well as on the upper deck. Both compartments are equipped with a center partitioning gate able to slide as well as swing open to ease loading and off-loading.  The rear door come with two sliding gates, one big outer gate sliding open both top and bottom compartment with a smaller gate on the inside sliding open only for the top compartment. Further our rear door can also swivel open 180 degreed if required.

What makes this trailer a hybrid is that the deck can be removed allowing for the trailer to be used for transporting cattle as well. Furthermore, the trailer can also be used without the top compartment by removing it to only transport one layer of cattle or goods. Lastly, all the railings can also be removed to reduce the weight of the trailer for transporting the maximum allowable livestock feed.  

The floor as well as the deck are made of standard profile Galvanised Lip Channel fastened to the chassis. This is for easy replacement of the floor if its end of life is reached. No welding is required!

We have many sizes and different designs. Please enquire with your requirements.

Trailer Specifications
Dimensions (l, b, h)
3.6m x 2.0m x 1.95m
2000kg (x2)
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