ATV Trailers

Our ATV Trailers are going to help you get to the most remote trails that you have been looking to explore with your quad bike!

This can range anywhere from dunes all the way to off-road trails in the mountains, so there truly are no limitations on the number of adventures you can go on!

New Trend is willing to manufacture your ATV trailer in no time!

New Trend ATV Trailers
Move your ATV with ease

When it comes to quad biking, there is a lot of fun to be had, however, getting the ATV where it needs to be is the problem!

There are many trailers out there that you can use, but they definitely won’t offer you the same security and durability that our range does.
With these two aspects, your quad bike will be in great hands.

Besides being of great quality, they are also easy to operate so there is no need to worry about technicalities getting in the way.

Trailer Specifications
Dimensions (l, w)
2.5m x 2m
1500kg (x1)
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