Vehicle Trailers

Are you in search of top quality Car Trailers to help you get your repair jobs done more easily?
Here at New Trend we aim to provide you with noting other than the best by using top quality materials to manufacture our products.

With our team behind these end results, you can rely on our car trailers time and time again to assist you where needed.

New Trend Vehicle Trailers
Transport cars with ease

If you work in the field of repairing certain cars, you will know that not all of them can be towed via a tow truck and that is exactly where these car trailers come in handy.

On the other hand, if you have a rally coming up and you’re not legally allowed to drive your car on the road, investing in one of these is all you need to do to get your race car to the track!

With many different uses, these trailers are definitely worth investing in.

Trailer Specifications
Dimensions (l ,w)
4.8m x 2m
1500kg (x2)
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